Gistmaster: Middle of last year May 11 and 13, 2017 to be more precise, in Lagos wouldn’t be forgotten in a hurry, as those were the 2 days when the families of Sir Kensington Adebutu and that of Chief Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Obasanjo, GCFR were joined in holy matrimony! The families had done the native law and custom and then sealed it with the church stamp of approval at The Methodist Church of the Trinity, Tinubu, Lagos, on the Saturday, which was the 13th. Maybe that date itself by virtue of hindsight now, being the 13th was a premonition of a sort, of what was to come, humiliation and disaster.” is how societynews platform started this insightful story and it reads in full.

Olujonwo Obasanjo and Wife Tope
Olujonwo Obasanjo and Wife Tope

It was a humonguos wedding by all standards possible. In fact, it was rated amongst all the weddings that took place that year as one of the top 3 weddings of that season. Nothing whatsoever was spared. Bride arrived in a brand spanking new glittering white Rolls Royce, while the groom came in another Rolls Royce, but a glistening black one, both came like stars and those that saw them wished they were in their shoes.

The money spent to put it all together is still speculated in the region of billions of Naira, while some have said it was slightly above a billion Naira, some have claimed that it was at least closer to 3 billion that was expended! 3 what? Yes you heard it right, 3 billion good Naira. Imagine a 9 or 10 tiered humongous wedding cake(s) by Cake by Tosan, who is said to be the best in the country! Imagine that Tope’s wedding outfit was specially and specifically commissioned by one of the best Lebanese brands, Ziad Nakad, who specializes only in Haute Couture wedding outfits for the best of the best. Her hair throughout the ceremonies was taken care of by the best in Nigeria, that’s none other than the incredible, Ugochukwu Igbokwe of Make Me Hair Studios.

The whole of the banquet hall of the Eko Hotel Convention Centre was taken and transformed for use, that alone costs several millions of Naira, running close to a hundred million! The choice of the best of meals were served, just as the best of drinks likes of the best champagnes, brandies, whiskies and cocktails were made available, that alone is another hundreds of millions. Even the gifts, that the guests all received were totally out of here. Even the invitations must have cost a sizeable chunk.

amount that the events might have cost, even if it were 3 billion is most definitely chicken feed for the bride’s dad, who is affectionately referred to as ‘Baba Ijebu’ the same name Nigerians have given to his popular lottery/betting game. He is undoubtedly, the numero uno of lottery and betting in the whole of Nigeria bar none. As the chairman of Premier Lottery and who is also an avowed philanthropist par excellence, Sir Kensington Adebutu is indeed an awesomely wealthy man, by all standards. One whose kids, majorly the men though are all also, stupendously rich too on their own!

The groom’s dad is not a minion too by any standards, as he is none other than the former military head of state of Nigeria and then also a 2 terms President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in the person of Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo, GCFR, a former chieftain of the PDP and now referred to as a statesman, but also the convener of the 3rd Force, a new political advocacy group.

”The 2 personalities involved in the marriage were, Sir Adebutu’s daughter by name Georgina Temitope Oyepero Adebutu, a brilliant magistrate in Ogun State, an alumni of the University of Lagos and the University College London for her Masters, which she got with distinction. Tope was apparently one of the best students in all the schools she has ever attended. Her husband, the businessman son of Chief Obasanjo, in the person of Abraham Olujonwo Ajani Obasanjo, who very much is not known about, other than that, he schooled abroad and is a businessman/farmer, works for his dad.

With how things went, especially the super expensive and lush wedding ceremonies which had all the who-is-who in Nigeria in attendance, many had expected a roller-coaster of a marriage, which at most a year after, would be welcoming and celebrating babies and celebrating some other milestones, but alas, barely just one year after, dark clouds have poured stormy rains on what was once thought to be a match made in heaven and as we speak, the center cannot hold no more and both husband and wife are set on a course in divorceville and both are not willing to rectify or save the marriage, no matter what.

For Temitope Obasanjo nee Adebutu, it has been a very tumultuous and incredulously painful one year, the kind that she cannot pray for her worst enemy to have undergone or experience. Imagine that you are highly expectant after a superlative nuptial ceremony, but all that you experienced from just a few days after the euphoria of the ceremonies have died down, is unimaginable cruelty, neglect or better still desertation and no love whatsoever!

It was like the prayers of the mother of the husband, who had not wanted the wedding to take place at all cost from the get go were being answered. Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo had shamelessly cursed the association by her words and action just prior to the wedding. In fact she had sued her son and his wife to court then, wanting the ceremonies halted at all cost. Though she had lost at the court, when the court declared that as adults, those wanting to get married had the right to take and make their own decisions by themselves, she still wasn’t satisfied but still came up with the high falluting extremely negative prophecies about the union, that many couldn’t believe would have come out of a mother’s mouth. Though the wedding still held, it was like it was jinxed from the get go and maybe the result of that jinx is what has now occurred as a sad story now.

Just imagine that all through the marriage the husband and wife never had a home (matrimonial home) that was theirs! Shocking! Yes very shocking!!! All through they had to stay in Jonwo’s room at his dad’s palatial home in Abeokuta, with the promise that they would move to their own place which was undergoing thorough refurbishment, a promise never kept!

Just imagine also that, Jonwo the supposed husband usually just disappears without a trace, most of the one year of the supposed wedding. Much so that, his wife didn’t even know his whereabouts and wasn’t even in any type of contact whatsoever with him for lengths of time. Imagine that at one point, Jonwo was supposedly holed up at a MacPherson address in Ikoyi, Lagos where he was supposedly receiving treatment for an ailment or sickness ???? that the wife never knew nothing about whatsoever. When at a point his mother raised hell that her son couldn’t be found or was missing then and the thing was all over the media, even the wife herself didn’t know his whereabouts at all. Apparently the only one who knew where he was apart from his friends, was his dad who had refused to let the wife know where he was for reasons best known to him, as he was said to have been in some sort of bad shape! So needed time to heal and recuperate/recover. From what???? Hmmmmmm!!!!!

So if one can just desert his supposed home for lengths of time without a care in the world and without letting anyone, especially his wife know where he was and how he was faring, how would that person have had time then, to consummate the union and by extension get his wife pregnant, so they could have kids??? So with him not consummating the marriage, maybe it was a deliberate action, from the get go as he had always known he wasn’t Interested, but only had the wedding for other reasons.

Just imagine that Jonwo disappeared from where they were staying at a point, claiming to be going for prayers, only to return after days in fact 14 days after and upon enquiries about his whereabouts and not communicating at all, he got absolutely raving mad and threw away his wedding band & said he was done with the marriage!!! A few days after this particular disappearance, wife asked husband to consumate marriage, to which he refused and then disappeared again for another 12 days!

Imagine that from November 1, 2017 till 4 and half months afterwards, that’s in March of 2018, Tope never saw nor communicated with her husband, until he came to tell her that they weren’t compatible and everyone should find their levels and go their different ways!!!!

Even when the wife discovered that she had Uterine fibroids and had to go have an operation to remove same, so she wouldn’t have issues getting pregnant and she tried informing her husband, he never responded at all, not to talk of wishing his wife well! Even after a successful operation to which he didn’t contribute a kobo to, he still never got in contact with his wife! So before, during and after her medical issues, no contact, no sympathy, no love whatsoever! What a human being! !!!

According to our findings, whenever Jonwo was around, it was like it was better that he wasn’t even around at all, for those were some of the most painful times for Tope, for it was abuse galore, without a stop. Just imagine a husband bad mouthing and referring to his own wife as fat, ugly, never do well, wouldn’t amount to anything, cancer and that you married her out of convenience!

This is the same Jonwo who works for his father Chief Obasanjo and collects N100,000 (Hundred thousand Naira only) monthly. This is the same Jonwo, who Tope’s elder brother had to give business to, to help elevate, so he could meet up with needs that could arise. Even the jobs given, he only did part of, for which he was paid!

It is also a known fact that, all through the short lived, but very tumultuous marriage, Jonwo’s mother, a so called prophet, Mrs. Taiwo Obasanjo never supported the success of the union! She was a major torn in the flesh of the couple on one side and then her son now too, was another case entirely. Maybe he got married, expecting certain things and since he did not see those things, he became disgusted and therefore wanted a let out at all cost. So since the union as broken down irredeemably, the wife as instituted divorce proceedings and the case is on as we speak. Tope is asking for certain reliefs from a very cold and calculating and unloving man, a scion of Chief Obasanjo who she had falsely believed was to be her knight in shining armour, but alas wasn’t even near that description at all.-Gistmaster

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