What is the best Phone brand you know?

What is the best Phone brand you know?

So many people argue that iPhone is better than any other phone. Some think Samsung has very good picture quality that can rival the best of iPhone produce by Apple. According to GISTMASTER, there are a number of factors put into consideration before buying phone. What are those things that matter before buying phone. One is the cost.

How much is your budget before buying that phone. It is really important.

People also consider picture and photo quality. Yes it matters. Now people love to take pictures and do videos of their soroundings. Some use the photos to project their social status, others use it for business purposes. Your photos must really be fine before can keep checking up your Instagram status. If you are a makeup artist, Event planner,Actor,Reality show personality, dress maker or real estate business personality, you need a phone with good quality and high resolution.

Battery Life: Do you know that the battery life is also considered before people buy phones and tablets? Yes, you don’t use a Phoebe for it fancy, it must have a good battery life too.

Storage: What phone has the best storage facilities. You need a phone that can snap and keep photos including the ones you downloaded and love to see everyday. Though people now has external apps such as Dropbox,Google Photo and so on for keeping their photos, they still need a good phone to store. Some of the online photo apps only give out a limited storage opportunity. They charge if you need more.

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