Review:How Uber Drivers cheat Passengers

Review:How Uber Drivers cheat Passengers

I was going to work. so I did order Uber. in first 4 minutes, the app shows driver was coming. but after it, the driver drives further and further away from my home. so I sent him sms messages. no reply. tried to call, no reply. by the time I waited for his reply, its already 6 or 7 minutes, so cancelling order would cost me cancellation fees.


After 10 minutes, he finally reply “I’m sorry sir. I’m taking another taxi app order to x places, please cancel the trip”

Perfect tricks. he got 2 order, from another app and uber. He took both, and work on the first order. For Uber, he just supposedly turn off his phone until after 5 minutes, so that I had no choice but to cancel and pay him cancel fees. whoa, double payment for him for just 1 trip.

The next day. I was going to work as well. This time, the driver are totally un-contactable. The uber app says he was coming. but I couldn’t find any vehicle towards my pickup places, except another car with different car number. so surely not him. In uber app, also “en route” not “arriving” . it keep saying 3 mins, 4 mins, 2 mins, etc, but he never comes until 15 minutes.

Another tricks. what should I choose? keep waiting him forever while getting late to work , or cancel and pay him cancellation fees?2 days after. I’m going to airport. I order uber and then made final check to my luggage. 5 mins after , the driver still didnt come and he never called nor answer my call.

In shorts, the methods are similar. take the order, ignore the order. wait till the passenger cancel after 5 minutes so that the driver may cheat for cancellation fees without even doing the order.

The only way I can do is report those driver to uber. Uber does gave me compensation. $2.2 for 1st and 2nd issue . the problem is ,since the response from uber took few hours, its likely I’m already late to work. and the uncertainty when ordering uber is really unpleasant. There’s flaws in their cancellation clause which abused by cheat driver, yet they don’t change anything.

I almost missed my plane for 5 minutes

Those compensation aren’t worth it for my work time and my plan. uber should really reconsider their cancellation clauses to prevent driver from cheating the passenger

Maybe they could give the passenger options to change the driver when the driver never show up, without cancelling the trip, so that the passenger can avoid cheat driver and  lose of their precious time. This is much better than those compensation. Your money can’t buy missed plane tickets or consequence of getting late to work

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