Fellow Nigerians, Don’t Reward 20 Years of Incompetence and Youth Maltreatment with Your Vote – Fela Durotoye

Fellow Nigerians, Don’t Reward 20 Years of Incompetence and Youth Maltreatment with Your Vote – Fela Durotoye

A vote for APC and PDP is a vote for incompetence and youth maltreatment. Incompetence is fast becoming a culture in Nigeria because it has been allowed to thrive over the years. The question is are Nigerians determined to put an end to this awkward culture or do we want to fold our arms and watch Nigeria become the laughing stock of the world? Are the youths ready to use the opportunity that this election avails them to change the narrative or do they want to continue suffering and smiling about youth maltreatment?

Fela Durotoye

Failure is the sickness affecting Nigeria but incompetence is the main cause of the sickness. Treating the sickness without addressing the cause is a total waste of time. Incompetence deeply rooted in our system brings about corruption and an incompetent person will always bribe its way through the system. We can’t be fighting corruption without dealing with the root cause, we have enthroned incompetence and we are reaping failures. Will we enthrone it again with our votes?

Why will our youths leave the country trekking the desert just to look for a better life abroad? Why will they hide in boat just to leave the country? Unemployment is at all times high and it affects the youths more. We can’t continue like this.

Fela Durotoye speaking about the failure of both parties in governance over the last 20 years, “PDP plagued Nigeria with poverty, unemployment, deaths, hunger, underdevelopment, impunity, arrogance of those in the corridors of power, massive looting, flouting of the law by those in and around the PDP.

APC was voted on the mantra of change but rather than experience change, the present administration failed Nigerians. The APC led government promised Nigerians economic growth but delivered economic hardship like never before, Nigeria has overtaken India in extreme poverty ranking under their watch,  they promised employment but they delivered mass unemployment, they promised one naira to one dollar valuation but delivered 360 naira to one dollar, subsidy promise not fulfilled, selective corruption fighting, maltreatment of youths especially corpers, regular trips abroad for medical treatment after promising to scrap such and the latest being inability to conduct election as planned after resources have been expended.”

We need a new Nigeria where competence and character will be the reason things get done. It won’t matter where you are from, your religion or many more factors that has divided us these past years and not taking us anywhere.

We need a Nigeria that will work and one that we can all be proud of. Where our youths are gainfully employed in Nigeria and when they have to travel, it will be for holidays or business purposes only.

How can INEC postpone an election that has been planned for years on the day of election? It’s not INEC, it’s a failure of government and governance and should not be rewarded.

They failed in 2011 and we rewarded them with our votes, they did same in 2015 and we rewarded incompetence. Now we have been failed again and we can’t continue in this wrong direction.

Nigerian Youths it’s time to rise up against all odds. France did it by appointing Emmanuel Macron (43 years old president), Canada did it by appointing Justin Trudeau (45 years old president), the time for us to do it is now.

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