More Fun In The City As The Lagos Heineken House Reopens

Global Champions League sponsor, premium international beer brand, Heineken this past weekend reopened the upgraded Heineken House in Lagos.

This reopening of the Heineken house is expected to open the door to the top-notch parties that Heineken has been known for, the first being the Champions League Finals match viewing which Senior Brand Manager, Mfon Bassey announced will be happening on Saturday June 1 at the Heineken house.

The Lagos Heineken House was first opened in 2016 as the first Heineken Champions Planet in Africa and later gave way for smaller pop-up experience centers across the nation in December of that year.

As a brand, Heineken has been at the fore front of providing premium entertainment for fans, with football events and other lifestyle themed parties. The Heineken House serves as a melting point for sports lovers and fun seekers, to blend and share the excitement of new friendships.

Mr. Mfon Bassey described the reopening of the Heineken House as the return of premium entertainment and stated that the brand plans to make it a comfortable spot for everyone looking to feel the Heineken experience. He added that; “As a brand, we are keen on the type of experience we provide our consumers, that’s why we have made this spot better. By next weekend, we will be here again at the football arena to watch the UCL Finals, and that would be an even bigger party”.

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