Nigerians Speak In Unity With #Naijameansunity

Nigerians Speak In Unity With #Naijameansunity

To say that I was surprised to see a certain group of Nigerians on twitter posting various content with the hashtag “#NaijaMeansUnity,” would be a grave understatement, as I was thoroughly amazed and flushed with excitement immediately I came in contact with several tweets on the hashtag

The first question that came to mind was, “Who is behind this campaign?”

And so, I had to satisfy my curiosity to read carefully several tweets and comments on NaijaMeansUnity with beams of enthusiasm and smiles boldly stretched across their faces.

Having read several posts on twitter, It is clear that Nigerians are passionate about coming together and I also found myself humming these words softly, “Naijameansunity” repeatedly.

This brilliant initiative could not have come at a better time where Nigeria battles to rid itself of hate, segregation amongst other unhealthy hostilities.

Naija means unity naijameansunity

Despite the circumstances that bedevil the country at this time, we need to embrace unity more than ever. It is the most important thing that our nation asks for; it is what we owe the Motherland at this time.

We do not owe her hate, discomfiture, and division, but unity, accord, and harmony.

I encourage that we raise our solid voices and enforce our tenacious stance to change the perception people have idealized about our dear country, Nigeria.

Our country is our pride, it is our identity, she is us and we are her, Nigerians must, however, come together to stand and speak in one voice that #NaijaMeansUnity. I support #NaijaMeansUnity.

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