See how Bank ATM fraudsters can withdraw your money without password or pin

By Niyi Tabiti: Bank ATM fraud is a big problem to many Nigerians.The fraud is not peculiar to the rich alone,it cuts across board.Here is how fraudsters can steal money from your account without having knowledge of your password.
Wait for this!They don’t even need your ATM card,your pin or even bank account.It is no magic.Everything comes easily to them and they do it under your very nose.

atm withdraw without password

When people insert their ATM cards to withdraw money,they are always conscious of who is behind them or spying to see their pin.The pocket ATM fraudsters have long passed that stage.
What they do is that they allow you insert your ATM card into the machine.

They allow the unsuspecting user to enter his or her pin.That is when their work starts.They are always around the ATM pretending to be a customer,nice and anxious to help.They study the ATM dashboard to see if you are a good user or not.
ATM fraudster then move closer to offer some help.

He allows you insert the card again and your pin without looking at it.Then his fingers get on the keyboard of the machine,he immediately carry out a transfer to a third party bank account.These guys are fast.Most times,you can’t beat them to it.They leave immediately pretending to have something urgent to do.
What about alert?Their major targets are usually artisans,old people and student.
I know you will ask Gistmaster that the bank can trace the account.Here is the answer.Transfer you do on ATM will not show the account number or bank where the money was transferred to.This happened to a woman in my presence.
When the woman entered the bank to complain that her account was showing insufficient fund, they quickly went to work on the system.There was details of the third party bank the criminal transferred the money to.

Be careful who you ask for help at ATM points.

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