Lady in live video denies she owns instablog

Lagos based blogger,Moji Delano denied the ownership of instablog, after she mistakenly appeared on live video via the Instagram handle of the news platform. She screamed ‘Jesus’ in shock before ending the live video, Gistmaster gathered.

However, in a series post, Delano said she is not the owner of instablog, wondering why people who know her personally did not believe. If it is true, she would probably have a house in Maldives by now, She wrote.

Explaining her relationship with the popular Instagram news platform, Moji Delano said she appeared on it because she will be hosting Instagram live video soon.

The latest information about the owner of instablog started after Delano came on live stream via the Instagram handle of the news platform.

A lawyer, stylist and blogger, she operates news platform known as mojidelano blog.

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