Travel To Dubai,You Need A Polymerase Test

Travel to Dubai soon, then you are required to take a Polymerase Chain Reaction Test. This is to help prevent spread of Covid 19 in the UAE. According to information by Dubai Tourism, the test is expected to be taken 96 hours before travel date. This part of new normal or reality that tourists and business travelers to Dubai will now face. gathered that the Covid 19 pandemic has no doubt changed the ways used to be in the tourism and hospitality industry generally.

Stella Fubara-Obinwa, Africa’s director of international Dubai Tourism, disclosed in a webinar that it is a lie that Nigerian has been banned from Dubai. It is fake news and nobody has official proof from Dubai Government on ban.

Dubai opened it airport to tourists on July 7.

stella Fubara Obinwa
Stella Fubara-Obinwa
Director Africa Operations,
Dubai Tourism

What is the cost of ticket from Lagos to Dubai? Prices are fluctuating right now but it be expensive compared to the cost of the same this season last year because of the Covid 19

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