Nachaiya Kama:Making a difference in the world of photography and cyber security

She is not only known for her beauty and simplicity, Nachaiya Kama is also adored as a bundle of talent. Gistmaster gathered that her work as a documentary photographer is a reference point in many parts of the world. She is also a cyber security professional.

Nachaiya is a recent Alumni from Harvard University Cybersecurity Professional and graduate from the City University of New York, York College in 2008 earning a BSc degree in Information Systems Management with a Minor in Studio Arts concerncation – Photography. Kama is both a photographer and Princess of Owerre-Olubor Kingdom in Delta State Nigeria. She regularly documents the beauty and uniqueness of her ancestral home located in the Delta state area of Nigeria.

In 2014 Kama began photographing her grandfather HRM Prince Ezinna Ngaboso Onwuemena (1921-2016) when he was made the Ogwude (King) of Owerre-Olubor, Delta State Nigeria. As a descendant of The Ogwude, Kama was privileged as a Royal to be taken around the Kingdom, which allowed her to photograph the people of Owerre-Olubor. These images showcase the everyday life of the people who are predominately substance farmers, petty traders, blacksmiths and hunters.

On the drive to Delta state for Lagos city, Kama encountered “Six boys” playing by a bench during a stop at a popular local restaurant called “Good Food” in Agbor-Obi. The boys insisted on being photographed together to become a part of her storied journey. Children were some of Kama’s most willing and interested subjects both at work and at play. All the subjects she photographed were fascinating, like the ladies wearing the “Aso-Ebi” and the “Lady on her bike” a uniform dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria and some West African cultures as an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods.

After her grandfather’s death in 2016, Kama returned to the beautiful table land of Owerre-Olubor Kingdom to capture more and continue her project during the Celebration of Life that was his burial period. “The Eye of Owerre-Olubor” is an ongoing project inspired by the passing of a great man who served in the Niger Delta Region – Owerre-Olubor, Delta State, Nigeria.

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