A staff of BBC , Ogechi Obidiebube attempted suicide for not getting ‘enough’ credit for her role in the Sex for grades investigation story. According to Gistmaster, Oge is depressed that Kiki Mordi the lead reporter on the story is getting the accolades and awards.

Oge Kiki Mordi BBC

Oge took poisonous substance before she was rushed to the hospital. A friend of the BBC staff says she is now in stable condition. The biggest shock for Oge came when Kiki Mordi was named 2020 Michael Elliot Award for Excellence in African Storytelling. In one of post on twitter, Oge had alleged that her role was taken from her by a staff, who allegedly had sexual relationship with kiki.

Oge wrote

“I GIVE UP, YOU WIN!! I was a young and naive baby-journalist – 24 at the time. I was eager to please, not knowledgeable enough about the politics of these things and trusted that C wouldn’t use my exceptional skills and dumb me for someone he felt had a more sensational appeal”

“someone who played no extraordinary role to the whole thing. Take out the role I played and it would have fallen flat with no one giving it more than a two-seconds glance. God only knows what you did to make him give you such opportunity because I wouldn’t put a sexual…”

“relationship out of it, seeing as the cozied-up position I caught you two in at Alliance Francais that day was very suspect. Anyway, it’s your time, so enjoy. Honestly, my anger is with him not you. He used me, not YOU. If I were in your shoes, I would be an opportunist too.”

“So, here’s me chopping my L and moving on, never to speak of it again. If this is how God wants it then so be it. I rid myself of every hurt, every anger, every bitterness, every pain and opening my arms to receive better and more fulfilling opportunities where I’ll be valued.”

“Anyway, seeing as journalism is not really for me, what’s the easiest skill I can learn in tech and how long will it take for me to master it? Or is it rather late for me to switch to tech, seeing as I am not a spring chicken? … If you can hook me up to where I can learn it or”

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