Dapo Ojora final moment at Lagos Polo Club

I rarely miss Lagos Polo action for years. Aside the news value and gossip content from Nigeria’s silverspoons, some of the players are always a delight to watch. Dapo Ojora and Bello Buba remain my all time favourites. The first time I watched Bello Buba was when he and his brother played for Mohammed Babangida’s El-Amin Polo Team. Right now, I am a great fan of Seyi Oyinlola,Seyi Tinubu and Timi Badru.

Today, one of Nigeria’s strongest polo players,Adedapo Ojora will be at the Lagos Polo Club for one last time. Friends,Colleagues and well wishers will hold a parade in his honour. He won’t climb the horse or commentary box as usual nor throw banters or share jokes with other players. He will be in deep sleep as he continue in his journey to the after life. They call him “Baba Polo” because he eats, drink and sleep polo. He was a mentor to most new and old players.

Twice, Ojora won the prestigious Majekodunmi Cup, playing alongside Bello Buba,Adamu Yaro and Audu Dantata as members of Lagos Agad team. In another high point of his polo career,he won the Majekodunmi Club alongside Bayo Amusan,Albert Esiri and Salvador Sacos.
Dapo was the former Pony Welfare Officer some years ago, when Bayo Amusan was President and Chief Francis Ogboro was Captain.
Niyi Tabiti

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