Where to buy gifts this holiday season in Lagos Island

By Niyi Tabiti: This holiday season many people are keen on getting their love ones good gift to celebrate the Christmas and new year. Where to buy gift in Lagos Island is the major focus here. Niyi Tabiti can tell you for free that there are gift shops in Oroyinyin street, Idumota, John Street and Broad street where you can get gifts at whole sale and affordable prices.

If you finish buying clothes or hair at Oluwole or Balogun street, just take a stroll down you will get to broad street. You will see the imposing UBA headquarters building. If you like wearing suits or you want to buy tie as gift for someone, you can check out the Suit warehouse behind Tinubu square or go to Berlin, it is located right on the street of Marina. Check Apongbon for wine and those wonderful well packaged hamper. If you are buying wine in Apongbon be sure they are giving you the real one. Shine your eyes as they say on the street of Laos before they give you adulterated one. Apongbon is also good for high street wears, especially for women.

If you want the best place to fix your glasses or buy your man good eye wear and frame go to Abibu Oki street, Lagos Island. Buy according to your budget because so many gifts will be on display, from cheap to the very expensive. The best thing to do is to have a shopping list for Christmas and New Year. This will enable you make good decision and also, spend wisely.

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