Going to swim at Landmark beach? This information is very important

” I enjoyed my time at Landmark beach last weekend but then, I realised it was a dangerous game swimming in that part of Lagos beach”, writes Niyi Tabiti a reporter and visitor to the tourism centre.

The water in Landmark beach is calm obviously due to the nearby Eko Atlantic project but very dangerous because of the depth of the water right from the start. If you move like three or four legs inside the water, you get into a very deep part.

“The king of landmark beach” I called myself as I jumped on the ‘royal stool’ to take a photograph. It was a joke with my friends, since Oniru and Elegushi beach are named after two traditional rulers and descendants of Lagos royal family.

If you are not a swimmer, God help you the life guards are around, if not you have to thread with extra caution.

One life Guard told me the depth was 13 feet to start with. It was demarcated with a long rope. Immediately after the rope, you are facing 25 feet. Don’t make a mistake of comparing the water here to swimming pool.

The first time I visited Landmark Private Beach was when they were still putting finishing touches to the place. I was really excited based on the beautiful design and what they promised to offer. I have been there thrice before this January.

Extra caution is needed when you enter the water here. I was floating…you can’t stand from that area.

   This is the first time I will be swimming at Landmark unlike Alpha Beach,Elegushi,Artican,Baraccuda and others that I visited in the past.

The entry ticket was N2000 but increased it on  Sunday 3 January 2021 to N3000. Nearby Oniru and Elegushi Beach charge N1000. In fact you also get a discount depending on how many of you are together. No discount at Landmark. The crowd at Oniru and Elegushi were just too much but Landmark cash out big time by charging amount that would take three people into other beaches.

For those who want to know if food and drinks are allowed into Landmark beach? It is not allowed unless by special arrangement with the management. They have restaurants,Asun and chicken barbeque shops ready to serve you based on your demand and pocket.

Elegushi Beach allow you to bring your food and drinks. If you are going there as a group, you can also rent a space for everyone to sit and dance together before going to swim or take photos near the water.

Mr Niyi Tabiti,CEO of Gistmaster.com is a Nigerian reporter/Photographer with close to 20 years experience in the reportage of the entertainment,brand,tourism and high society. He has worked with various newspapers and maagiznes before starting Gistmaster.com and Niyitabiti.net an online news/photography platform in 2007.

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