Old Bank cheque no longer tenable from April 1st

To improve the security of your transactions and make cheque processing faster and more secure, your cheque book has been redesigned in line with the new standards outlined by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Please note that effective 1st April 2021, old cheques will no longer be accepted in the cheque clearing system.

How to identify the new cheques:

  1. Thinner and longer spacing for “Payee” and “Amount in words”
  2. Date line is now labelled “Day, Month and Year”
  3. Location of “Amount in figures” has moved from directly under “Date” to directly under “Amount in words”
  4. Signature line moved from directly under the space for “Amount in figures” to directly under the space for “Amount in words
  5. Control number changed from 8 digits to 10 and has moved to the top right corner of the cheque.
Alternate text
Alternate text

You should have already received your new cheque book; if you haven’t, please make a request at a branch close to you.

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