Fooled My Girlfriend Of 4 Years By Acting Like Another Guy

This is very recent!! Pardon my errors and mistakes please.

What do women really want? Everyone is really jealous one way or the other and our degree of jealousy varies but I wasn’t the over jealous type and would even let go of some things to avoid issues. So I was wary of my GF recent behavior; I’d send her text she would not reply for hours or even till the next day while she was online. I called her attention to it and she was acting like nothing was wrong, it actually got me mad that I overreacted and went as far as blocking her. I knew I made a mistake, I unblocked her back and apologized and we were fine but funny thing is that the same day we settled our dispute she repeated the same thing of not replying me which is very strange to me because throughout the years we’ve been together She’s never done such. I became worried so I decided to play games with her. Below is the chat of the person she thought she was chatting with.

I’ll upload more of it when this hits front page because I want to know if I did overreact ending things with her or not.

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