How Can I Save Money After Easter Season?

Easter season has come and gone but it brings memories of our childhood and traditions many of us still incorporate into our families.

My memories of Easter as a child are full of food, sending messages to our loved ones, travelling and putting smiles on the faces of people we love.

How did you spend your Easter holidays?

Did you have a barbecue in your yard? Cook at home? Go to church with your family? �

I think of the ultimate love sacrifice God made as a father, by sending his one and only son to take on the atonement of our sins. I think about how I can give back this love to the people around me. I want to be sure that I’m leaving an impact wherever I go; making everyone comfortable and happy in the best way I can.

This Easter I’ve done a lot of things with my family; I need to make sure that all my family’s utility bills are settled in order to avoid interruption.

We cooked a feast and shared food and drinks with our neighbours too. Some of us even visited a nearby orphanage to share food with them. Of course, when I saw my sisters and cousins I ended up sending them money and airtime as well.

Now I’m completely broke. I’ve been thinking about ways to save money this season to make up for my splurge last weekend. I’ve cut down on going out, and I’ve been talking to my friends to team up and buy foodstuffs in bulk together. I’m also thinkinh of breaking up with my girlfriend to save money. Please what else can I do to save??

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