How Do You Ask A Nigerian Lady Out In Style?

Nairaland Gees in the house, biko how do you ask our naija ladies out/ or how did you ask her out in style?

This is because personally I haven’t ask any lady out “officially”. Ok I may just say ‘babe make we stroll go so so & so place’ or ‘ abeg escort me reach’ on getting there we eat & we just do little talks there.

So there’s this cute friend (very intelligient, fine mad ehn, smart, modest, wife material, not the average Nigerian girl type, gosh she’s my spec) coming back from school this weekend and I wanna ask her out. Abeg MAKE UNA SHOW ME THE WAY cos this one special. Well the green light is already there, i think it reads 95% or so I know it wouldn’t end in premium tears, never.

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