‘My Girlfriend Is Misbehaving’

I noticed that my girl friend doesn’t like to come over anymore. Of late she Dosen’t pick my calls often, she picked after 20 times .

I called her plenty times yesterday but she didn’t pick my call giving me silly excuses that she left her phone at home while going out.

She repeated the same thing today and her excuse was that she went to an office and she can’t pick the call. She later say she have to submit the phone to the security officers at the gate and that’s the law of the institute .

I never see this kind of excuses and when I talk to my sister, she was like she might have gone to a man house and don’t wanna pick .

The main issue with her is she believes I complain too much and she also raises voice at me any time I told her an issue I don’t like.

I’m seriously tired and I am having different thoughts .

I wanted to marry her but her attitude keeps preventing me from making such move.

I feel bad right now and I needed an advice .

I feel so bad that my thought right now is to pretend, use her, dump her and make her feel regretful of making me go through emotional pain.

Should I just let her go and I should go on my who way?

Or should I just free her and start doing as if she don’t exist in my life again .

I’m not happy right now and I feel so bad .

Advice please.

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