There Was No Gunmen Invasion In Aba – Eyewitness (Pictures)

The purported claim that gun men invaded Aba today is FALSE .

The reason behind the shootings was that an argument ensued between a white sienna driver and a keke driver, they were arguing at Number 1 (Azikiwe road). A police man on mufti (SARS/RRS) who decided to intervene on the power of his uniform was beaten up.

He however managed to call his colleagues who on reaching the scene fired randomly into the air. Hereby causing the entire people there to run helter skelter.

Soldiers positioned at Bata junction now blocked the road (Bata junction) on hearing gunshots. Probably to protect themselves. Officers at CPS (Central Police Station) Aba also fired shots into the air. Traffic was grounded and people were now running everywhere. Rumours now started flying about that gunmen were attacking CPS. Already the topic has hit Nairaland Frontpage already.

There was no injury or loss of lives. But the windscreens of the vehicles at the point the argument started were all smashed. Rumour is that the RRS officers are responsible.

Normalcy has since returned as the soldiers have already removed there road block at Bata Junction

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