What Are Your Funny Experiences Teaching A Woman How To Drive A Car?

I was with my ex-girlfriend in the car on a lonely road, she was in the driver seat and I was in the passenger seat. She was holding the steering wheel as if it will come off if she turn the steering wheel. The car started heading towards a parked damage trailer by the left hand side of the road, I told her to turn the steering wheel away from the direction of the trailer, but her hands were shaking on the steering wheel and her eyes opened wide as if she was looking at a scary ghost and she stepped her foot on the gas pedal, the car started going faster. I was there shouting brake! brake!!

I had just had to quickly switch the car off and raise the hand brake.

She quickly rushed out of the car and started shouting at me and saying ‘it is not a force to know how to drive a car and not every women knows how to drive, that I shouldn’t urge her to drive a car anymore’. I started laughing ooooo. she hissed and sat down in the passenger seat.

So guys, I guess yours might be more hilarious than mine.

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