10 Exceptionally Unique Romantic Names You Can Call Your Partner

A lot of people in relationships have, over time, gotten so used to addressing their partners with conventional romantic names. This is basically because they don’t get to see their partner in some kind of way and, calling them usual pet names feels more better for them. Some call their partners random romantic names, some call their partners by the shortened pr abbreviated forms of their names, some call their partners by a reverse of their names and, some call their partners by whatever sweet thoughts that crosses their mind.

Addressing your partner with an “out of the usual” romantic name (or, names) doesn’t literally translate to you love your partner better than anyone out there; it only connotes that you’re willing to take your love out of the usual to the unusual and, you’re willing to try out new ways of loving him/her. To save the day, y’all will be reading on ten (10) exceptional romantic names that you can call your partner:

Sweet Berry: This can be used for both male and female. Berry is a smallish kind of fruit but, the taste it leaves in your mouth while and after digesting it is wowmazing!

My Special Crown (a.k.a MSC): A crown is naturally associated with royalty. In this co text, the “crown” refers to how much value you place on your partner. It’s It’s unisex name.

Fresh Wine: Wine gets more unique and better as it ages. Your partner will feel ,ore awed to hear you address him/her with such an amazing title as “FRESH WINE”.

My Honour: If premium respect lives with you both, then, honour will naturally flow from you to him/her. Loving yet, honouring your partner better will make more sense if you two have a personalized name for each other.

Light Fairy: This is mainly feminine so, guys in the house, y’all better come see a unique romantic name you could use for your girl.

My Happy Place: Just like happiness is personalized, happiness is also resides in a place (a human). Your partner is your safe spot so, happiness naturally flows out from you two.

Heart Friend: This, right here, is one special name that is so unique in itself. It can be used for both male and female.

Creamy Pearl: Though this name is 80% a feminine name, it won’t be a bad idea to try it on a guy. You know, something that isn’t usual for the male folk.

Butter Berry: A great and perfect choice for both sexes.

Yummy Choco: A bar or cream of chocolate is naturally yummy. Combining both into one and addressing your partner by it only means one thing – the level of sweetness you both share is great and special.

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