5 Benefits Of Having Self-love

You might be wondering why the issue of self-love is being given so much emphasis in recent times. Also, it might bother you why self-love seems to have roots in almost all aspects of our lives. The answer is simply this; the core of human existence lies in the concept of love. Love is the central point of everything we do. It affects our disposition and our operation.

Therefore, having this background, we now come to point where love begins. Question is, from where should the expression of love begin? Who should be the primary beneficiary and concern of our love? This questions lead us to rightly expose the matter; charity begins at home. We must have heard that line countless times now. For Christians, the scriptures say, “love your neighbor, AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.” That’s the questions answered. This is the basis for self-love.

Apparently, you can’t start a journey from the mid point. Love must begin with you and then emanate to others. Anything other than this means we will be having a defective expression of love. In truth, we will not be able to give to other what we don’t have. We will not know how to love others properly if we don’t first love ourselves. Thus, having seen the reasons why self-love is necessary, let us proceed to see why we need it in our lives and society at large. What Self-love Does for us So, to further buttress the fact that we all need to love, appreciate and cherish ourselves, let us highlight the benefits of self-love.

1. It Builds Confidence In Us:
Since we have accepted our strengths and weaknesses, we now know our abilities and potentials, a strong sense of confidentce is awakened in our hearts. Self-love gives us faith in what we can achieve. Thus, we become more willing and eager to understake tasks and project because we know that we are enough. With self-love comes the disappearance of doubts and objections. We are ready to face life’s challenges, whatever because we believe in ourselves.

2. It Helps Us Have Positive Outlook:
With most of the doubts gone, the future does not look so grim anymore. There is a great chance that we will become more inclined to take on new challenges and risks. This feeling stems from the belief that we are enough and that our potentials can suffice. Since we love ourselves, we wouldn’t wish for any negativities. As such our optimism grows and we become more positively minded.

3. Self-love Provides Intrinsic Motivation:
Of all persons we would not love to disappoint, our very self ranks first. We always want to prove to ourselves that we are worth it. This feeling can only be when we truly love and value ourselves. With this mindset, we are motivated to put in all our best at any given time. We don’t want to have wasted efforts so we strive the more. Whenever our efforts don’t produce required results, we put in more just so we can reward ourselves with tangible results. This is driven by Self-Love.

4. Self-Love Supplies Courage:
Cowardice can be such a demeaning attributes even to the one exhibiting it. Knowing that we had chickened out instead of stood up to what we believe in can so reduce our self worth. Honestly, this is not a feeling that many would love to welcome. Accordingly, to avoid this awful state of affairs, self-love inspires us to protect ourselves and fight for it. We refuse to shortchange ourselves and rather face up to the challenge. This is self-love in action.

5. It Gives Us Peace And Satisfaction:
When we are okay with ourselves, when we have learnt who we are and accepted that person, an enormous sense of peace rolls over us. No need to struggle with doubts, no need to fight unnecessary battles, no need whining about our infirmities, we become simply relaxed. The stress of trying to change those things that are way beyond our reach is lifted from us.

Consequently, we begin to experience inner peace and satisfaction with self. This feeling only comes with us loving ourselves as we should. Of a fact, not much evil can be attributed to loving oneself. However, we stand to lose so much if we don’t do so. There are so many benefits we can gain by simply loving ourselves. In any case, we believe the few I have discussed will make you better disposed to appreciating and loving yourself as we all should.Source: https://flipmemes.com/2021/04/20/5-benefits-of-having-self-love/

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