A Nairalander Lands In Wheelchair As His Friend Fights Him Over A Girl

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Is been a crazy year, I never imagined I will found myself in a crazy situation like this.

Kennedy used to be my best friend right from when we were little. We attended the same nursery, primary, secondary and university together. We are like family friends and attend the same church. You can’t see Kennedy those days without me. While he was the aggressive one, I was gentle on the other hand, I use to see him as my guiding angel � lol, because you’ll never hurt me and go free because Kennedy will come looking for you. A girl have once accused us of being gay lovers because we are always together once lectures are over in school and we stay in the same hostel although different rooms.

My family especially my mum don’t joke with Kennedy. He’s so loved and cheerised in my house, same goes to his family.

Will never forget the day you fought on my behalf after I got myself into trouble even while I was wrong, you stood by me, I did same sacrifices for you as well.

The first ever clash we ever had was because of Esther, a truth or dare game turned to a fighting competition. Lol, I secretly enjoy the fight because that was the first time you will ever have issue or argument/disagreement with me.

Fast forward to 2017, during nysc that’s when I realised Kennedy was dealing with the wrong girl, but then I couldn’t stand his heart break once again. He is unlucky with woman and always get broken easily, infact the last one was brutal, I couldn’t stand my OG drinking and crying like a baby. Took me ages to talk and take him out of depression, even while being aggressive, Kennedy is emotional and softhearted.

October 2020, I mad the worst mistake accommodating his fiancee and on 1st February he made attempt on my life, many people lash at me because they don’t know how close I am to Kennedy, and I am 100% sure their advise worked because Kennedy talk less and do more. He’s a good listener

Kennedy ndia amagi ebe anyi isinabia ko ka anyi si we kwado, that have always been your favorite Igbo slang, sad it doesn’t matter again

On April 9th, I had a brutal fight with Kennedy, I never believed he could ambush me with his friends and I was disfigured so badly, with the help of my family is been from one sugary to the other, I hope to be normal again one day, my fine boy is gone, I have scares on my face or might even remain on a wheelchair forever all because of a woman…. Writing from an Indian hospital, I would’ve post pictures but I don’t wanna reveal my identity.

Kennedy (offorken) stop running, I have forgiven already, God willing I will bounce back stronger and better.

Please becareful of friends who claims to be neutral, is either they are working against you secretly or wanna pull you down out of jealousy, Ruggednoy01(kachi) is example. YOUR FRIEND CAN EITHER BE FOR YOU OR AGAINST YOU period

Ruggedboy01, you rushed to create, lol. You want me dead…… But God pass una

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