Finally Got A Job From One Of The Two Jobs I Rejected!

Good day Nairalander,

For those who followed this thread and encouraged me.

So after alot of advice from the great people here.

I was advised to send mail to the remaining two job offer I rejected, which I did.

Company one replied that I should come for another interview and I did, but the offer was below what I was offered before, as they said they just wanted to help me, since they have employed somebody in my rejected offer.

So I rejected it, because I would have to work on Saturdays and close by 8pm…..

The second mail responded with a call..

Hello wunmi, I recieved your mail, unfortunately, your position has been given to another person, but I intend employing another hand soon, I will get back to you when I’m ready and if you are still available.

So I just forget about both of them, got another offer last month, but I just had to decline, pay was too low, sachet water is now N20.. how much will remain from me… so I declined the offer by mail again…..

Last week the second woman who promised to get back to me just messaged me, hello Wunmi good morning, are you still available to pick up your offer?

I just called her and told her, yes I’m available.

So she said we should meet and discussed…..

We discussed and ended up with salary review compared to what she gave me last, though it was 6digit, but it should be more than…

Told her if she doesn’t review, it might tempt me to look elsewhere after 3 month or if I get good offer outside…. She looked at me and said you know I will still have yo review your offer after six month again….. But no worries let me just do it for you so that you won’t run away after three month.

With better 6digit..

Thank you to omobola121

Thank you all for giving me hope and telling me to send mail to the two I rejected..

Lastly thank you lalasticlala for pushing this to front page for a wider view

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