Corporate organizations have been urged to avoid losses hindering the growth as a result of lack of background checks and due diligence on their employees.

The CEO of Background Check International, Mr Kola Olugbodi says The issue of background check has become a critical one considering its overall importance to corporate governance.  

According to him,In a bid to further re-inforce the core message of instilling background checks as a culture, Nigeria’s pioneer in the industry, Background check international (BCI) organized a webinar titled “The impact of background check on businesses, now and in the future” is aimed at promoting the overall importance of background checks to corporate existence.


The webinar had global expert, Barry Nixon, the Founder and COO of Pre-employment Directory, USA, Yemi Faseun, Head, Human Resources, Globacom, Mary Ikoku, Editor-in-Chief, Working Moms Africa Magazine and Kunbi Adeoti, Divisional Director, Leadway Assurance Company Ltd.


The speakers urged corporate organizations to conduct due diligence before employing any staff.  According to them, data has been a major challenge in conducting due diligence as this impedes the due diligence process.  When there is data on criminal records on people, the process of background check is facilitated properly.  It is also important for organizations to focus on the claims and educational verifiation of prospective employees.


Kumbi Adeoti, stated that due diligence impacts the organization and it should form a crucial part of the employment process to identify bad behavior and fraudulent acts.  If due diligence is not done, certain behavioral pattern may impede organizational growth.


It is also important for organizations to be conscious about due diligence.  If due diligence is not conducted, risks are being passed from one organization to the other.  This is the view of Yemi Faseun who believes there should be tracking of employees before they engage in fraudulent acts.


The issue of culture also dominated discussions at the webinar.  The experts enjoined corporate organizations to develop a corporative culture that has due diligence and verification as important elements.


Barry White, Founder, pre- employment Directory.Com stated that every organization should start a culture of verification.


According to him, culture is the exact way of doing things in an organization.  The Chief Executive Officer of Background Check International, Mr. Kola Olugbodi bemoaned the situation whereby organizations were not conscious about background checks.


He asserted that organizations needs to make background check a corporate culture.  ‘it has become expedient for organizations to embrace background check as a corporate policy issue”, he added.


In reinforcing the issue of culture, Mary Ikoku, Publisher Working Moms Magazine stated that hiring staff need the same indices applied during traditional marriage to prevent fraudulent claims.  Hiring new employees needs the same traditional pattern of background check due to corruption the system.  The corruption in the system according to her hinders information gathering during background checks.  She stated that organizations should translate their core values into reality and employ the right candidates.


In her own view, Yemi Faseun, Head of Human Resources at Globacom stated that there should be a strong focus on culture.  The culture fits of the individual must align with the ethos of the organization.  He urged organizations to promote messages on culture on a consistent basis.


The Chief Executive Officer of BCI, Kola Olugbodi stated that the relevance of background check has to be determined in line with what organizations stand in line with what organizations stand to gain or lose.  He said about 70 percent of organizational loss is always due to employees sharp practices.  Organizations should stop recruiting based on brilliance and focus on due diligence and background checks.


Olugbodi said the need to conduct background check is non-negotiable for corporate organizations.  He added that background check will also restore sanity to political governance in Nigeria

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