How Can I Type Fast For This Job?

I work in a state high court as a secretary…and my colleagues do say I’m fast in typing (although, I don’t think I’m fast.)

Some hours ago, a colleague of mine called that he has a job offer for me, that he needs someone that is “super” fast in typing, that a doctor intends travelling and he wants someone to type for him. The thing is, he will be interviewed and I’m expected to type everything he says; word for word.

He says many people recommended me to him, but to be sincere, I doubt I can be that fast.

He asked my current location, and I told him Lagos (I left Imo last week), he said he will pay my t.fare to Imo this night so I can come down tomorrow.

Please I need experts in this field advise. I’m planning on recording his conversation while I type the ones I can grab as he is talking…that way I’ll re-edit with the recorded version.

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