Men Are No Longer Persuasive. Once They Ask You Out & You Say No… – Lady Laments

Shared by a lady on Twitter, according to her, Before winning a lady over, chances are high she would probably have other men asking her out or wanting to get her attention. And when this happen, there’s that high ego that usually come from a lady who have lots of guys drooling over her and would want you to be more persuasive. In as much as some ladies enjoy this, others don’t as we have what works for everyone while sorting for a partner.

A lady who has become worried with this situation has taken to Twitter to lament that most men are no longer persuasive once they ask them out and you say no, Instead of them to keep applying pressure as it often termed while in the talking stage of a relationship, its case closed for them. Checkout her post below:

Who noticed that men are no longer persuasive? Once they ask you out and you say NO……… Case close

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