My First Flight Experience!

I’ve never flown before but I’d like to narrate my first experience traveling by air. It’s a very interesting experience and fearful for the faint hearted. Lols. But the thing is….. whether you are scared or not you’d definitely get to your destination. No doubt about that. So stay tune…..

Few days ago, I went for an important event in Abuja. I reside in portharcourt. I stayed about 4km away from the airport. Since I had no business in the airport, I stay clear. Sometimes knowing fully well I’d be hitting the plane sooner enough I decided to visit the airport but something kept dragging me back. So I backed off until the day I was scheduled to travel. I left the house for the airport at about 7:45am for a trip scheduled by 10:25 am. ( from what I was told you should be early enough).

We got to the airport around 8:15. Got into the check in hall. On entring we were asked to drop our phones and bags in a conveyor that scans our belonging. It rolls with your belongings the way your bags would roll to a place you’d pick it up. But this conveyor is quite short. So you’d need to be there to see that your load passes through that load scanner before picking your belongings.

Now I picked my bag and headed to the boarding pass ( please you’d always need to ask questions in the airport o! Before you loose your flight all in the name of forming). I was directed to the boarding pass where I’d show them my flight ticket number. ( mine was sent to my phone so I showed them from my phone). They’d type it and confirm you’re the actual passenger.

After that I was given my flight ticket.( mind you, if you’re flying aero for instance please do not go to stand on arik queue. Find aero and queue there. That’s how it works ).

After taking my ticket I headed to the departure area……….

To be continued………..

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