One Week To My Wedding, I’m Lost

(Created this new account to post for a sister)

Please help advice a sister in confusion…..


“I reconnected with my old school toaster who always spoke marriage and love.
Got serious in 5 months.
I’ve met a lot of people from his end within this period.
He shows me off.
Introduction was done and wedding date fixed.”

Traditional is barely a week away; yet she’s bleeding and scared of the future because of her discoveries:

1. The husband to be has anger issues. Ok, he’s all nice and good when in good mood. But once something triggers him, all hell is let loose. The trigger can be a simple missing his call(while at work/meeting). No amount of sweet talk or explanations calms him down.

2. The shocker is that he cheats/has a fuckmate living nearby. She discovered this with evidence from their chats and hasn’t been herself. The chat is detailed description of their exploits right up to the present and future plans how they’ll continue after he’s married. (From same chat, the other lady is aware he’s getting married.
He tried denying it; when it didn’t work he started making excuses/begging he’ll change.

3. He doesn’t want any third party intervention in their affairs, not even counseling.

She’s scared of the future and yet feels stuck as court marriage is done already, most preparations have been done(publicity and most of other physical arrangements), both for the traditional and wedding.

Kindly give your mature advice; she’ll be reading every bit of it.
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