Photo Of The Oha Soup I Prepared With N850 In School

the Oha soup I cooked with N850 only..

ladies and gentlemen.. as the single broke student guy I am like this.. Things are very expensive this period that I have not eaten swallow for like a month due to finance..
so today as God may have it, a good Samaritan gave me 1k, I quickly made a list of food stuff to get for Oha soup o.. Hunger dey..

I bought meat #500
crayfish #50
OZiza leaf #50
fresh pepper #50
Offor #50
prewinlke #50

the fufu is not factored in the price..

as for the dried fish, okproko, I got them from somewhere for free..

local man cannot kill himself o..

Wahala for bachelor, but double wahala for bachelor Wey no sabi cook o..

The Malam sliced the meat into ten pieces, and with the dried and stock fish complimenting,this soup will last me till Wednesday I think…

School for Nigeria dey reset brains As per Hunger o

Please if you want to fine me money.. DM dey o… Help your guy survive and re-survive o..

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