Politics, Governance And Economy: How Do These Affect IGR Of States?

In Nigeria, election cycles run every 4 years. State governors can run for two 4-year terms. In 2011, elections were held in 26 states due to tenure completion of the remaining 10 states being different.

Political analysts often cite the first year in office for elected officers as the year of settling down in office; the second year for implementation of policies; the third year for consolidation and/or election preparation and the fourth year as election year. The 4th year could be handover or continuation of an administration.

Does politics and governance play a role in states’ ability to generate IGR? Are political office holders able to maintain a progressive increase in revenue?

Conclusion: there is no consistent pattern of growth in yearly revenue by States.

⚠️Note: this #trend is only a year-on-year percentage change analysis based on the amounts generated by each state.

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