Relocation From Abuja To Jos City

I have done my findings I just but ofcourse no one has the monopoly of knowledge..kindly share your thoughts.

lived all in lagos till.2014.Abuja since then…but thinking about Jos.
I’m 36, IT professional n married with 2 kids…wife not really working. i currently work in an ingo that also gas field offices includin Jos…but my salary isnt that interesting to make me that comfortable in abuja considering the bills on my neck.
we stay in a 1BR apartment in one of the villages (chika precisely) in abuja and pays abt 370 yearly.

ive visited Jos more than 5 times and i keep loving it more in each visit…Rayfield and surroundings to be precise…calm, weather friendly, fresh n affordable food, my salary wud get me a comfortable 2BR flat… navigation to/from abuja is jst i feel i can apply for a relocation to our field office in jos..or at worst work from abuja and travel weekends.

i dont intend living anywhere outside Jos south/Rayfield environs

as a family man…i find it most suitable to relocate there..most esp for the sanity n good environment for my children’s growth -stressfree of going to school in abuja, the hot sun, bad electricity, havin to wake up to fan at night (ofcos i have Generator)..i stay in a noisy compound that dosnt befit me..many fake foods n fruits in abuja, ..i wonder if its the same Nigeria…but Jos looks like a greener pasture for me.
waduyu think??

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