Rocking Matching Outfits For Pre-Wedding Photos: A “Can’t-Do-Without”? (Pics)

Before the advent of pre-wedding pictures, couples simply sent out wedding cards to their various invitees and, they, in turn, responded. Gradually, changes began to creep in and what used to hold sway before started taking the back seat. In the mid 2000s, pre-wedding pictures came on board and, there was literally no where that you’d not find a single pre-wedding photograph on the internet. Couples took photographs together as a means of letting people know that they were getting married.

Then came the idea of rocking matching outfits. The original intent was to just look good in pictures so they can formally announce their wedding but, in no distant time, things blew out of proportion. Couples now went out of their way to ensure that they wore matching outfits and, it just must fit them. Some even go ahead to contact designers to make their choice outfits because, they want to look fabulous with their partner. Some run into debts because they have an image to protect and, they want to live up to a certain standard. What they fail to understand is that not everybody can afford to keep up with certain trends so, everyone should just live within their means.

Some would-be brides want to rock matching outfits because they want to “pepper” their friends and haters alike. Some don’t mind going the extra mile; even if they have to play dirty just because they want to remain ontop of their game. No matter how expensive the said fabric is, they must buy it at all costs. The concept of rocking matching outfits has now been flogged out of proportion with the way people go about it.

They don’t bother if they’re compatible, they don’t bother if they’re on the same page, they don’t bother if they can deal with each other’s excesses; what they just want is to keep up with an image they know they can’t afford to protect. Most would-be couples spend so much money in having glamorous pre-wedding photoshoots but, they can’t spend that much time with each other. They want to be on popular wedding blogs and pages as a trendy couple about to wed but, they don’t bother to even appreciate each other.

It’s very okay to rock matching outfits with your would-be spouse but, live within your means. If you can’t afford it, find something else to rock. There’s no rule anywhere that says couples who don’t rock matching outfits will be excommunicated from their country. There’s no one that’ll sanction you for sticking to your budget. Couples need to stop putting themselves under undue pressure or because they want to live up to what the society expects of them.

Some would-be couples have landed themselves in serious trouble for this. Although this tradition of rocking sweet outfits during pre-wedding photoshoot sessions has come to stay, no one should be cajoled or coerced into doing what they can’t afford. No awards will be giving for best rockers, not even for fashionable rockers. Style and fashion trends evolve with time so, no one needs to be pushed to stick to what’s in vogue. Rocking matching outfits with your partner is all shades of beautiful but, if it’ll veer you off the right path, by all means, desist from it and live within your budget.


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