“Village People” – Fact Or Myth?

Okoro was a successful businessman with strings of shops all over Alaba market. He has houses and cars to his name.
He decides to visit his hometown and in doing so, offers monetary and kind gifts to some of his kinsmen, according to his magnanimity. Few months afterwards, his business begins to crumble and he is finally reduced to a pauper…after selling all his properties ofcourse.
You may have seen the above story played several times in our nollywood movies but I want to ask; are they real? Do these “village People” have the power to take away our sources of joy? If yes, who gave them these powers and why can’t these powers be wielded to turn their own lives to good fortunes.

The reason for my post is this: I’m about to visit my hometown and would likely throw a party and render help to some of my folks because I haven’t been home for some years now. But my girlfriend strongly opposes this. She says African villages are full of evil people.
I don’t agree with her. I’m a scientist and I believe people who crumble in their businesses may have made bad decisions and this has nothing to do with village people. My father always told me to focus and work hard. They are the keys to success. He doesn’t even believe in all these spiritualisms flying around. And he has also been living in the village most of his life!
Furthermore, take a look at the Western world. They don’t believe in village People. Maybe that’s why they are able to make economic advancements.

What’s your take? Fellow Nairalandis.

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