How To Get Over Trauma Of Wife Past Life?

I learned wifey had slept with a guy that’s married and far older than her, I got the impression when we met and started dating and asked her if there was anything between them, she denied.

I got to know from her after three years and she was not even remorseful, claiming she had dated him before we met and that’s her choice cause she can date Whoever she want at the time cause she’s single.

I always felt bad cause I got suspicious and asked her about it. I always think about it every day and it makes me feel so bad.

Her mother had apologised on her behalf that I should please get it over my mind and count it as when she don’t know what she was doing.

We have got a kid and i don’t want the kid raised outside a home though we were both not married officially.

I want to get the ordeal out of my mind cause that’s the only issue i have with her.

How can I get it over my mind? I think about it every day.

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