N-Power Batch C: How To Obtain Your BVN Printout

Although the BVN print out might not be an essential document for the physical screening exercise, that is, should there be an N-Power physical verification, but the BVN print out, is necessary to clear any benefits of doubt that might affect an N-Power Batch C applicant’s payment, probably due to name and age mismatch.

So in order to obtain your BVN print out an N-Power Batch C applicant should simply go to the bank with his or her BVN number, and request for a printout from the bank customer service unit.

The BVN print out should contain full names of the N-Power Batch C applicant, the correct BVN number, and date of birth of the N-Power Batch C applicant, and also the photo of an N-Power Batch C applicant.

With this document an N-Power Batch C applicant can simply go to the NASIMS N-Power self service portal and edit the name and other details on his or her dashboard to correspond with the particulars on the BVN print out.

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