Share Your Experience As A POS Vendor

As the owner, sales rep or just helping out.
Share the good, the bad, ugly side of working as a pos agent.

The good
Making great friends and acquaintances. connecting to a greater scale if you know your onions.

I’ve heard of people who met their partners while working as a pos agent.

the bad
Debts and more debt
You’ll see one old man/woman even young peeps will just come and be doing oju anu to please borrow them the smallest amount that they’ll pay back, after giving them, they’ll stop patronising you and will even stop passing the route of your shop lol

the ugly
This one happened to me recently but I serve a living God.
The man came with a jeep highly dressed with an expensive bling, he said he wanted 50k I charged him 1k he said no prob but he’s doing transfer.

Inside me I was happy cos that means more commission, oga finished doing the transfer said I should check. While he wait inside his ac motor cos that day was hot af, after 5min he came and asked if I had seen the money I said no, he said maybe its network that he’ll wait.

Another 10mins money never drop my scam rader began blinking po po po po.
Oga said I should give him 20k to settle someone while he wait till the money drops, I said mba.

When he saw that I wasn’t fazed neither was I moved with his appearance, he suggested to send the money again but if the first 50k entered I should send it back to him and I should manage 5k for being an omo daada, oga did the second transfer showed me his bank app, our company’s name and truly it showed successful even the first transfer details that they’ve not refunded him, I even saw his account balance wey be like recharge card pin sibe sibe this madam wasn’t fazed.

Oga came back asked me how far, I said none of the two transfer dropped that means no money, he just hissed and drove off. till now I no see any 50k.

Pos work no easy honestly, the bad outweigh the good it’s just God that’s protecting most of us.

Please share your experience let’s learn from each other.

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