‘Which Country Should I Relocate To With ₦20 Million?’

Good day Nairalanders..

I am in dire need of support from people who have travel experience.
When I say travel experience, I mean people who has relocated from Nigeria completely.

I will be 30 next month, single (have always hated the idea of marrying any lady in Nigeria because I have been unlucky with most of them i met as they seem complicated, inconsequential, dishonest and inexposed).

To make this short, I spent a lot of my youth working so hard to save enough money with the mindset to relocate from Nigeria as Nigeria depresses me alot.

I have been able to save nearly 20 million naira, excluding investments running in millions i wish to put on cargo to ship wherever I wish to relocate to.

Now, my problem is finding a suitable location or environment where i can relocate to without stress and problems.

Note that, I do not intend to work for anyone as I have my own skills.

United States, United Kingdom are out of my plans as I have realised their system are not built to favour me or my type of person and seem more like stress and a slavery environment to me.

I applied for Canada visa with hope to get work permit but has been on hold for months as they have been on lockdown since.

Having lived in South Africa before for a short while and felt like home there, I had it as an option but I am at crossroads, if I can have better suggestions from experienced people here.

Also, if anywhere in Europe is advisable (remember I do not wish to work for anyone except part time, in my field or if must require me to get a work visa)

Please I need advice.

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