5 Tips To Build Your Confidence

Confidence is like an elixir, it nourishes your soul, mind, and body. People who are confident take great strides in life and make strong connections with others. When they walk into a room, they command attention and exude authority.
Are you looking for tips to help build your confidence? Then, this timely article is for you. Herein are tips that will help you build your confidence and make you as confident as Hercules.

First, let’s examine the things that cause a lack of confidence:

• Body imperfections: people who are intimidated by their flaws tend to recoil into their shells and refuse to do mingle with others for fear of being bullied and becoming the centre of negative attention. Focus on your positives instead; embrace your flaws and love your body and you are on a journey to building your confidence. You are NOT limited by your imperfections.

• Comparison: is a bad habit that prevents you from building your confidence. It blinds you to the greatness in you while being infatuated by those who appear to be doing better than you. Comparison is an enemy of your confidence and must be stopped.

• Inferiority complex: happens when you constantly feel you are not adequate or competent enough. It starts in the mind and influences your behaviour and interaction with others. When you are neck-deep in inferiority complex, it negatively impacts your social life and abilities.

• Negative affirmations: saying negative things to yourself when things do not go your way can go on to have a lasting impact on your psyche if you don’t stop. Saying words like, ‘I am so stupid’, ‘I am such a mess’, ‘I always ruin things’, ‘I suck at this!’, etc. will not help you build your confidence, rather, it will diminish it.

Here are 5 tips to build your confidence:

• Be kind to yourself: you are your greatest critic and tend to downplay your efforts and abilities while focusing on others who are not doing as much as you. Cut yourself some slack. Being kind to yourself just like you are to others will help you build your confidence.

• Positive affirmations: write a list of positive affirmations that can help you build your confidence and make it a daily habit to read them aloud. With time, your mind believes everything you confess, and you build your confidence gradually.

• Speak to confident people: another tip to help you build your confidence is by speaking to people who are confident, especially those you admire. Schedule a meeting engagement with them and learn from the best.

• Leverage online resources: there are online resources that can help you build your confidence like eBooks, podcasts, YouTube videos, movies, music, and articles like this one. Carefully select the online materials that are tailored to your needs and exhaust them.

• Try new hobbies: you could register at a gym, join a dance, learn how to play a musical instrument you fancy, read books, learn to swim, etc. These hobbies will help build your confidence and take your mind off negative thoughts and inferiority complex.

Building formidable confidence is possible when you are determined to do so and by applying the tips shared in this article. With confidence, you can achieve much more and live a healthy life. Samuel Johnson, the late English writer, aptly sums it up with this powerful quote: self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.

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