Corruption In Edo State Power Distribution Company

Good day everyone.

I’m from Edo state to be precise.

The major problem we have presently is not just the FG alone but other bodies under the government.

I lived in an estimate of about 4 flats each. Fast forward to this day, we were using normal light (no prepaid). Along the line, my landlord introduced the prepaid meter for every flat, which was a welcome development.

Yesterday, I decided to recharge as usual. But I got an information that I can’t recharge, and this prompt me to go to the NEPA office to laid a complain. On getting there, I was told that I have to pay #5000 before I can recharge and that is a new directive from the state government, which I was skeptical about. What annoyed me was the fact that, the payment is manual and not through the state or FG ban.

Since morning, I have been trying to call them but the phone line kept me on voice note.

Corruption is every corner, the system has gotten to a point where it cannot be saved.

This must get to the state government.

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