How Many Chances Do You Give Before You Cut Someone Off?

As Individuals, we all have different endurance when it comes to putting up with toxic people…some people can just be annoying. Yes…you promise yourself no one can get to you so you keep on giving one more chances.

We all have that one friend or family member that easily gets on our nerves and just for peace to reign, you just ignore and let it go…

When someone messes up, you give them the chance of making it up to you, you want them to do something to show that they are truly sorry for their actions but when they do it again then it just confirms that, they don’t take you seriously.

Nobody is perfect and everyone deserves a second chance but how many chances can you give before you actually cut a person out of your life?

…and why wait that long?

Someone might say…
For me it’s once and I keep you at a distance so you don’t hurt me again!

Another might say…
4 or 5, But then if the person does not know that what he or she is doing is wrong then you can have more chances for that person.
But if the person is doing something wrong intentionally then cut off

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