N-Power Batch C: Clarification About Print Out Submission

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C applicant and were informed to submit your N-Power print out at your local government area please oblige, provided the N-Power print out does not contain sensitive information like your BVN number you can submit, just look for a way of concealing the BVN number, there is no harm in submitting your N-Power print out.

Here is how to correct any information on NPOWER platform

Nonetheless, I repeat, just tread with caution and be extremely observant, ask lots of questions when you get to your local government area, in addition always check your N-Power NASIMS portal for any updates and also your email, maintain this feat, because their are lots of fraudsters out there, even at your local government area.

After going through the rigorous stress of registering for the N-Power batch C scheme, it can be very disappointing to know that some avoidable errors were made during this process.

There might not be a solution to every problem but some problems are solvable such as fixing errors on your N-Power dashboard.

You can avoid missing out on your stipends payment or not been chosen because of errors on your biodata/profile by following the simple steps below:

How N-Power Batch C Applicants Can Fix Wrong Bank Account Details
kindly login to the NASIMS WEBSITE and click on edit profile right under your profile dashboard and edit any information you want to change.

How to Check Your Npower Batch C Deployment Status On NASIMS Portal
How to Check Your Npower Batch C Deployment Status On NASIMS Portal for Applicants who applied for the NPower Batch C programme on NASIMS portal.

The deployment page on the NASIMS portal is where Npower batch C beneficiaries can check to know if they have been deployed to a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

How to check Npower Batch C deployment status
Follow the steps below to check your Npower deployment:

  • Visit, https://www.nasims.gov.ng
  • Login to your dashboard with your registered Password and Email Address.
  • Click on the ‘Deployment’ button at the top side of your NASIMS profile.
  • Once clicked on the deployment button, your N-power deployment status will display.

If deployed, you will get a response below:

Congratulations!!! Dear [Applicant’s Name],
you have been deployed as N-power Batch C Beneficiary.

How to Print Npower Deployment Letter 2021
As at the time of making this post, we are not quite sure if the letter will be sent to your mail. However, we are certain that the letter will be available on the “Deployment” tab and to print Npower deployment letter, just click on the PRINT option and print in colour.

Documents to make available for Deployment
Below is a list of all the required documents you should go along with

  • Your Education document e.g FSLC/SSCE/ND/ND/DEGREE
  • NYSC discharge certificate if applicable
  • Residential permit of your Local Government area (Indegine)
  • Print of your BVN details
  • Passport photograph
  • Your Authentic and valid identity card
  • Npower 2021 online print out with your Reference number

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