Why Do Some Ladies Invite Their Ex-Boyfriends To Their Wedding?

I have had personal experiences where I was invited by two of my ex-lovers to their marriage ceremonies. I had well pressed English and native wears for the occasions, of which I could easily pick the one I want, fuel in the car and sufficient cash for logistics and unforseen expenses, but Warri boy still nor show face. I couldn’t just imagine myself sitting at the venue of an ex-girlfriend comfortably. As far as you are an ex and you are getting married, I see no attachment between us again. I can only be at the same spot with you coincidentally.

Now, why do some young ladies do this? Is it to show the ex-boyfriend that he effed up by not tying the knot with her? or to show the ex-boyfriend, for the last time what he missed for not marrying her?

If you have had the same experience too, please share your opinions and thoughts.

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